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About Kathy

Kathy cares about people. She is NOT a career politician. Instead she’s contributed to improving healthcare through technology and working for families in Delaware, where she has raised her children and lived for over 30 years. After seeing the limits to what can be accomplished by volunteering and grass roots efforts, she has decided that public policy is a more powerful way of getting things done.

Kathy has consistently worked to improve the lives of others through volunteering, encouraged her children to work hard and respect all kinds of people, and contributed to improving healthcare services through a long career in the medical software industry.

Kathy and her husband, Ron of 37 years, have lived in Delaware since 1984. They raised their 2 daughters, Monica and Jackie, in Newark and Hockessin. During these years she supported her daughters’ endeavors by volunteering at First Presbyterian Church, Delaware Dance Company, as a Girl Scout leader, and working on various school programs. She also supported middle school math clubs via the Society of Professional Engineers MATHCOUNTS program, establishing a day-long program where students visited the University of Delaware for engineering and science demonstrations.

Kathy has demonstrated sincerity and an ability to get things done throughout her career. She graduated from Lafayette College in Easton PA with a BS degree in Electrical Engineering. She began working in Dupont’s Medical Products businesses, and through various acquisitions is now at Agfa Healthcare. As a global IT services marketing manager, Kathy has demonstrated the ability to pull diverse people together to work toward shared goals. Her understanding of US healthcare markets combined with a business & technology background uniquely positions her to contribute to fix some of today’s problems in the Delaware economy.

As a fiscally conservative but socially moderate republican with a technology background, Kathy can be counted on to aggressively pursue opportunities for technology companies and education / work programs in Delaware and to push for financial stability for the First State. She is a great listener and believes that government’s role is to keep us safe and stay out of our personal lives. She believes that local politics are key to getting things done and thus will work to find the middle ground to accomplish the objectives of the constituents of the 22nd district.

Kathy and Ron Beard